Creative Uses for Meeting Rooms

It can be challenging to find affordable meeting spaces in and around Newport News, Virginia. For many years, networking groups, those holding seminars, and people seeking training rooms have had to flock to places like hotels and restaurant meeting rooms to hold meetings. While none of these are bad places to meet—having food at meetings is always a plus—none of them give you the comfort, amenities, and professional atmosphere that a coworking space meeting room can provide.

Meeting rooms don’t solely have to be for the purposes mentioned above. Here are some creative ways you can use a meeting room in a coworking space.

  1. Team Training Retreat. If you work from a traditional office space and want to get out from behind the familiar walls of your office, using a meeting room at a coworking space can be the perfect change of pace. It’s also great for those who operate home-based businesses. Instead of gathering in a coffee shop or your living room, you can host training from a professional atmosphere.


  1. Project Planning. Need a place to spread out and let your ideas flow all around you? Coworking meeting rooms allow you to use black and/or whiteboards, connect your laptop to a larger monitor, and access the walls around you for slapping sticky notes up. You can plan your next year, 5- or 10-years of your business, client projects, or even that book you’ve been trying to start.


  1. Teleseminars/Webinars. Bring your clients, guests, or team to a coworking meeting room to host “live” teleseminars and webinars. Learn together in a relaxed, but professional space while using our audio/visual equipment to broadcast your speaker on a big screen. You’ll also have access to teleconferencing phone systems that make interaction a breeze.


  1. Record Videos or Podcasts. If your home office is too noisy and your local library doesn’t offer private enclosed rooms, bring your equipment into a coworking meeting room and record the next episode of your YouTube show or podcast. You’ll get the quiet space you need and a professional background that’s not distracting for your viewers.


  1. Networking Meetings. Networking groups looking for one consistent location to call home can find that in coworking meeting spaces. No more bouncing from location to location, crowded restaurants, and atmospheres that feel less than professional or are distracting.


  1. Client Strategy Sessions. Bring a client into a coworking meeting room for a day of getting the ideas out and coming up with a working plan for your project. Meeting rooms give you the space you need to set up your workstations, lay out all of your paperwork, bounce ideas back and forth around the table.


The benefits of using a meeting room in a coworking space are numerous. Try any of these six ways the next time you need a larger workspace for yourself, your team, or for collaborating with clients. The best part about using the meeting rooms at Work/Place at Oyster Point is you don’t have to be a member. Any time you need a place to meet, call us to reserve your space.

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